Monday, June 3, 2019

4 Things to Remember About Poison Ivy

Poison ivy--a common yard fiend. If you’ve done a lot of yard work, you’ve probably encountered poison ivy. And maybe you’ve even suffered a rash despite your best efforts to avoid it! Here are four things to remember as you look out for poison ivy in your yard:

1. Poison ivy takes different forms.

People typically think of looking for poison ivy near the ground, but did you know it can also grow as a vine on your trees or even in a shrub-like form?

2. Protect yourself from poison ivy exposure.

Wear long sleeves, long pants, and heavy-duty gloves that can either be disposed of or thrown into the wash immediately. When pulling up poison ivy by hand, encase your gloved hand in a plastic bag. Be aware that even dead poison ivy can affect you.

3. Never burn poison ivy.

Burning poison ivy releases its toxins in the air, which will cause the rash to form in the lining of your lungs! That’s even worse than a rash on the outside of your body!

4. Wash all yard tools thoroughly.

Wash any tools like pruners or spades very thoroughly with soap and water after using them around poison ivy. This will help prevent spreading the poison.

But don’t just spray poison ivy killer all over your yard!

You might feel more comfortable spraying the poison ivy with chemical herbicides instead of pulling it up by hand and risking a rash. But be careful! Poison ivy killer can also kill the plants you want to keep--including your shrubs and trees! Some poison ivy can even climb high into your trees, causing removal to be much more complicated.

Do you have poison ivy taking over part of your yard or even some of your shrubs or trees? Are you nervous about removing poison ivy yourself and even risking the health of your other plants? Give Schneider Shrub & Tree Care a call at 844-260-0303, and we’ll be glad to help you take back your yard from poison ivy.

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